Liminality Studios is a Technology Company working to develop and market the next generation of technology products which includes Visual Novels, Game Engines, Online Content in addition to other gaming/production applications targeting the PC, Mobile and Game Console platforms.


What makes our company different from other technology companies? While other technology will target a selected Operating System platform, ours will strive to target all operating system platforms which includes via PC Microsoft Windows, OSX and Unix. Respectively Windows Mobile, IOs and Android on mobile systems. Having said this there will be two list. The first will be the actual product in which will have system requirements and operating system in which the product was designed for. The second list will include the game product, operating systems which the game was not developed for and the reasons why were not able to do so. To date, no other company, corporation or otherwise provides this level of service.


We allow others to contribuite to our work. If you are a Developer, Planner, Artist, Tester or simply just want to have input we would like to hear from you. The first step is to view the contact page information and simply request information on how to contribuite.

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